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Weekly themed photography contest open to all!
Welcome to Photocontest!

This is a weekly themed photography contest community. We are open to all users and all skill levels.

This week's theme:


Next week's theme:



1. Each Monday the theme for the week is announced along with the previous week's winners.

2. Winners are determined by popular vote of community members. Every member votes by saying "yes" in the comments for the image they think should win. You may vote for as many images as you think are deserving to win, just not for every image that you like. A vote only counts if you say "yes" in your comment. Things like, "this is great!" does not count as a vote to win. Comments must be left open in your post, no fake links or cuts back to your personal lj.

3. Only submit original images you own. Nudity and other adult themes are allowed. This is an artistic community, not safe space. However, please place these images behind a cut. Please only submit images that you have not submitted for other themes! Watermarks are allowed. Photoshop is allowed. Collage is allowed as long as there is a purpose. Only one submission per theme per member please! This also means that once you have posted an image, please do not change it. Images should be no larger than 800 pixels on their longest side. If you wish to submit an image that is larger, please put the image behind a cut.

4. Community promotion is always welcome! However, please do not influence the voting process by bringing all your friends to vote for you.

5. The only text allowed in the body of the post is the name of the theme, a watermark and text regarding a cut or full size images. However, you are welcome to discuss the images in the comments. This allows people to decide on who to vote for without any additional influence outside of the image unless they want more information.

6. This is a moderated community! Images that are submitted are reviewed before they appear in the community. This means that if you see it, a moderator has already reviewed it. If you submit something to the queue and change your mind, contact a moderator. If your post is not approved, you will receive an email saying WHY your post was rejected. PLEASE RESUBMIT! It's almost always a small problem that can easily fixed. Contact a moderator if you have a question or problem.

7. Moderators may participate in the contest.